Kelly Clarkson Weight Loss Dr OZ: Did He Prescribe Her Ozempic for Weight Loss? [k08lgj]

Kelly Clarkson Weight Loss Dr OZ: Did He Prescribe Her Ozempic for Weight Loss? [k08lgj]

Kelly Clarkson weight loss dr oz is a phrase that some people use to search for information about the singer's weight loss and whether she used Ozempic, a diabetes drug that is also being used for rapid weight loss by some celebrities. However, Kelly Clarkson has denied using Ozempic or any other weight loss medication or product. She has explained that she lost weight by following a healthy diet and exercise routine that suits her body type and lifestyle.


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According to People magazine¹, Kelly Clarkson revealed that she dropped weight by listening to her doctor and following a protein-rich diet that is good for her body type. She said that she limited her intake of sugar and carbs, and cut out certain foods that trigger inflammation, such as gluten, dairy, soy, and corn. She also credited her move to New York City for helping her stay more active, as she walks a lot in the city. She added that she does cardio exercise, such as running, cycling, and dancing.

Kelly Clarkson has also shut down the rumors that she used Ozempic, a controversial diabetes drug that is also being used for rapid weight loss by some celebrities, such as Rebel Wilson and Adele. A spokesperson for Clarkson told USA Today² that the singer has not promoted diet pills or gummies. Clarkson has also debunked the rumors that she endorsed keto diet gummies, which are advertised as a natural weight loss solution. She said that the video that shows her promoting the gummies is a deepfake, a type of video manipulation that uses artificial intelligence to make it look like someone said or did something that they did not.

Kelly Clarkson has also expressed that she is happy with her body and does not care about other people's opinions. She has encouraged her fans to love themselves and be confident in their own skin. She has said that she does not follow any fad diets or trends, and that she focuses on what works for her and makes her feel good.

Kelly Clarkson's weight loss is an inspiring example of how to achieve a healthy and balanced lifestyle by making positive changes in one's diet and exercise habits. She has shown that she does not need Ozempic or any other weight loss medication or product to look and feel amazing.


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